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Thanks for rolling through! I wanted to share a little about me/answer questions for anyone new dropping by! I use to share occasional personal posts here, but lately the blog is solely a place for sharing my work. You can find more recent work and personal happenings on my instagram feed (@torreyru) These are random questions I've received over the years:) 

(hey, it's me! photos by the huz/my occasional 2nd shooter)

What sparked your passion for Photography?

 People! I started in the dark room, moved over to digital, but it wasn't until I began photographing people that I really got excited. I thoroughly enjoy photographing landscapes and travel, but people (interaction) are where it's at for me.  

Most embarrassing moment on a session would be?

I fall all the time at work. I'm often walking backwards or moving with clients...and well, I fall. It's not even embarrassing at this point, but that's all I got. 
What do you do to get your clients to relax with you?

I'm not sure. It's hard to see yourself as an outsider does. I have standard things I like to start with to help me get to know a family or couple. Everyone interacts differently. Not every family is outgoing or overly affectionate. I like to see what is comfortable for them organically and go from there. I find with kids, less is more. I let them come to me when they are ready. 
What are your photography related goals for 2016/2017?

I like right where I'm at with a family/portrait heavy business. I definitely have some awesome/unexpected locations I'm excited to use.....just waiting for that uber adventurous family to come along;) Also, I'm working on taking more personal photos....not with my iphone. 
How do you push yourself to keep growing and learning? 

I stay inspired...whatever it takes! Movies, travel, nature, love, etc. As cliche as it sounds, it keeps me excited. If I am going to receive money from people, it's important to me that both of us are excited:) Recently, I've been inspired by a trip to St. Lucia (so so beautiful), and having an actual spring season in Northern California (every day has been an exciting weather change after years of DRY). 
What is a typical day like for you?

Every day is different. I book 3 days a week of photo sessions first (morning/evening)....and possibly a 4th (or 5th!) during really busy times. The rest of the time is a combination of editing, emails, bookkeeping, and marketing. I run errands during off hours as much as possible;) I have girls night once a week, and do some version of walking/yoga/gym/home workout a few days a week. 
What would you do if you weren’t a photographer?

Not sure...but hopefully some other outlet that makes people feel good about who they are/where they're at TODAY. It's a struggle for all of us. 

Fill in the blank: I love photography because _it makes people happy!___________.