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smiley guy

i had such a great time playing with this beautiful family.

my favorite part.....

every single thing that came out of this little girl's mouth.


happy tuesday! 


i spy...

...a little puffin in most of the pictures. i'm glad he joined us:) 

happy wednesday!


heaven.....if you're into that sort of thing.

yosemite is an incredible place.

i spent a few days there with my jaw on the floor.

holy jeepers....i can't even begin to describe such a sight.

a few trip highlights:

-looking/gazing/staring at half dome from the valley floor.

-mountain biking on trails, over bridges, by the river, to the lake....all of it. incredible. 

-my phenomenal plan to cross the river walking along the rocks. i fell in. fully clothed. (i'd like to note that my mishap turned into loads of fun. we stayed to swim and hangout on the bank with the view of a lifetime).

-observed a fellow visitor face 180 degrees away from half dome and exclaim "yeah, that's definitely half dome!"....towards a peak 1,000 times less great than the real thing (she wasn't looking at full dome either). i would give 1 million dollars to have a picture of aaron's face at that moment. 

-listening to the river at night/in the morning. ahhhh. i love it.

moral of the story, GO THERE. soon.