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my friend sadie was due to have her baby september 12th, but as we know, "due dates" mean nothing. we'd been waiting for this little baby to get here, but she had other plans. on the day she did go into labor, things moved consistently and strong. she was hanging with every contraction and allowing her body to do it's thing. it was amazing to see.

mike and sadie had so much love and support surround them. sadie says it was exactly as she had imagined....being at home with the women in her life. the environment was so calm and comfy. the "plan" was to labor and deliver in the tub, but after about an hour of pushing in the tub, the midwife suggested moving to the bed. sadie pushed for over two hours. and she stayed with it. it was incredible. mike was such a support in those overwhelmed moments I could see on her face. she redirected and went right back to it. what a champ. 

I left thinking, "WOW, that was hard/awesome/intense/glorious/huge/overwhelming!"....and on and on. so many thoughts an emotions. what a HUGE life moment. their girl is here and she's so sweet and calm. I notice how easy she is to console, and how perfect her little head is:) 

the birth of baby emerson....