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maya dog

maya dog looks like a big, mean wolf....but in reality couldn't be further from that description. she is sweet, mild, and happy to be in her new home.....and well, what a model;) 

I'm so thankful jen and james came to half moon bay and made a day of it! big strides for shelter dogs around the peninsula. 


rocko boy! 

rocko is a big boy with the sweetest lab face! he sort of mauled me a few times (much to my delight!). he has wonderful manners and would basically do anything for a treat. I grew up with labradors and they forever have a place in my heart! 

I'm so thankful valerie and henry were game to participate in this event...so lovely to meet new dog (and people!) friends:) 


thank you times a million!

I truly cannot say enough about last weekend.

it was so much fun to run and play with the most quirky of dogs....all in the name of raising money for our furry community.

I dream of days like this....a camera and my dog lovin', dorky self frolicking about in the great outdoors. 

it turns out, there are others that enjoy this just as much. score! thank you for coming out and being so awesome.

what a day!:) 

and now....my new friend, beatrix (beatrice?). this little lady was rescued last summer by a family that ADORES her...such a happy story! what a gal!