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HMB pumpkin fest

pumpkin weekend (and october in general) is a big deal in half moon bay. it brings lots of visitors to the pumpkin farms and our little main street. some locals head out of town to avoid the serious traffic and heavy crowds (some can't even get to their own houses!), and others stick around and embrace the weekend....like us!

the art and pumpkin fest brings amazing artists from all over. this year, we bought a wool blanket (spun on the loom from the coolest grandfather, father, son trio). artists are cool. one man looked exactly like a young gandalf...except he made wooden spoons. I had my eye on a thousand other pieces....next year (sigh).  

it's kind of a no-brainer that there will be pumpkin stuff happening, but the creativity that goes into all things pumpkin is awesome (pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin hats, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin french fries, and my favorite....pumpkin cheesecake. mmmm). all in all, anything with a theme is usually a good time for me.

...pretty sad it's over. BUT thrilled there's a little october left. 

(photos taken with my little cam)

and now for my own little garden punkies....


coming soon...

....this special affair. 



October weather on the coast is the best....and it's gone to my head!

.....so, a giveaway! 

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