Entries from February 1, 2013 - February 28, 2013


at home with baby ridley 

this boy has a full head of hair and the most perfect baby nose. like most newborn babies, ridley likes to be close to mom or dad....snuggled up real nice. 

I was impressed with how gentle and caring big brother was with baby ridley. "I hope he doesn't cry when I hold him....mama can I kiss him now?" It was sweet to see. 

it was significant for me to shoot this session. you see, almost four years ago, when I knew less than I know now, jeni allowed me to photograph baby deacon (big brother). I put him on a piece of fabric in the park, moved him here and there, practiced the photo techniques I had been working so hard on....and sort of loved every minute of it.

a lot has changed for me over the years....and also for this little family. I'm happy to have the opportunity to be there for it.   


over the weekend...

more from this lovely event soon!


baby willow

we've been waiting for baby willow...and waiting and waiting and waiting. she was LOVING the womb and said, "no way, jose!" to entering this world on her due date. almost two weeks later, her tiny little being made it's way into mom and dad's arms. she has the cutest face and the greatest mouth. she loves to be held, moves with the might of a two month old....and well, isn't so fond of the ol' swaddle.

she is a cherished little lady.

welcome willow girl.