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kevin & alison

kevin & ali are smart, adventurous and they LOVE the giants...so much so that kevin proposed at the game!

january was kind to us. we shot a few places and ended on the beach in perfect weather. 

their wedding can't come soon enough! 


all things good.

I don't know much, but I know that I really like my family, my friends, being outside, making/drinking smoothies, snugglin' my pups, creating images......oh, and roads....tree lined roads, open roads, sunny roads, dirt roads...I really like roads. 

I also know that focusing on what I have is much more fulfilling/rewarding/important/real than focusing on what I don't have. 2012 was HARD. hard. I was challenged in ways that I didn't see coming or even know existed. how specifically doesn't even matter....we all have stuff. lots and lots of stuff. what does matter is that I still have so much. there is so much GOOD in my life.....so many simple pleasures, and I did not do one single thing to deserve them. the least I can do is be thankful for what I have and to enjoy the life that is mine for one more day. TODAY. 

(thoughts inspired by revisiting this post)

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love day

I shoot these lovely lady sessions here and there (I despise the word "boudoir")....and us girls have so much fun. if you're interested, I'll be taking on a few sessions this month/early next month in the spirit of that cheesy little holiday we call valentines day. (I've been know to like a little cheese). 

images are displayed in a custom fine art book and truly make the most beautiful gifts.  

(my beautiful friend gave her husband the best christmas gift....gosh she looks so so amazing).