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kevin & autumn 

...what a beautiful match and a fun pair. we trekked around the mountains and the river. they were down for anything. i love that. 

we'll have more celebrating to do this fall at their wedding. I'm looking forward to more mountain fun and witnessing these two join hands. 

congrats kevin and autumn!

happy monday!


my own backyard

the coastal area doesn't have much of a summer, in fact, it may be our most overcast season in half moon bay. fall arrives and our sunny days appear. it really throws you off when you're from a town that sees over a hundred degrees most summer days. I don't miss the heat, but I often forget what time of year it is.

I'm starting to realize how fast time goes by (it's scary!), and process that I won't be here, in this house, forever (no plans to move!). one day I brought my big camera on the little lap that I walk with the dogs. there is so much cool stuff every hundred feet. the terrain is unique and so very coastal. it smells incredible (eucalyptus!). I want to remember the great things about this place and my backyard that I've come to love so....even the summer fog.  

I hope I can always remember the trails, sunny beach days, and full coastal air....no matter where I may go. 


he is not cute at all