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Gallery Event - Dono dal Cielo Winery

Photographing people is my thing. In the beginning, I would ask family/friends (and anyone who would let me practice) if I could photograph them with the people they loved most. Moving, living people was a whole new bag....but I loved the process. I should've identified the joy it brought me sooner. In high school, I would gift people portraits of their closest friends (I once set up photo shoots for friends at their homes and in their yards). Kind of weird (really weird), but I wanted subjects.

In the meantime (my high school film days and beyond), I'd photograph stuff (Like, random stuff. I remember giving a photo shoot to our pool table. How edgy was I?!;). When I bought my first DSLR, I brought it on every outing and trip. Photographing travel work and landscapes helped me understand light. I didn't feel rushed. I gained a better understanding of my camera without pressure. 

Today, we all have camera phones and can pretty much snap a photo whenever/wherever we'd like. You snap it in a second and blast the pic through instagram for the world to see. It's so neat. BUT, when I look at the images I took with my "big camera," there's more than just better image quality. I remember setting up for the shot. I remember where I was and that precious moment in my life. Maybe I just take a moment for myself with little concern for instantly sharing? Compared to the effort it once took to create a photo (over the last 200 years) this is nothing. However, it feels more purposeful and intentional when I get out my "big camera" and take that shot. 

Yesterday, I showed my travel work at the fabulous Dono dal Cielo winery. It was so much fun! I'm thankful for the turnout and for the journey photography has lead me on. Below are the final images I included in the show. Thank you for coming yesterday and for your kind/supportive words from afar:) 

Below are a few of Aaron's camera phone snaps of the event.