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lady in orange 

these two are in love, happy, having a baby.....all the good stuff life is made of. 


(warning: photo explosion about to happen.)


maya dog

maya dog looks like a big, mean wolf....but in reality couldn't be further from that description. she is sweet, mild, and happy to be in her new home.....and well, what a model;) 

I'm so thankful jen and james came to half moon bay and made a day of it! big strides for shelter dogs around the peninsula. 


rocko boy! 

rocko is a big boy with the sweetest lab face! he sort of mauled me a few times (much to my delight!). he has wonderful manners and would basically do anything for a treat. I grew up with labradors and they forever have a place in my heart! 

I'm so thankful valerie and henry were game to participate in this event...so lovely to meet new dog (and people!) friends:) 

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