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Post Storm Sky

It's cliche but true....a post-storm sky is as good as they come. Those lows really do make the highs so sweet. We need that yin and yang. I struggle with allowing myself to feel sad/upset/grief-stricken, because even with the bad, I am so friggin lucky. I'm learning it's ok and necessary to feel those opposite emotions....often at the same time. 

I wear a necklace every day that says "be here now." I suck at "being here now," but I find so much value in those words - the reminder of a lifetime. Here it is, your life, right now....the good, the bad, the ugly. I overshadow the "now" by that thing I'll have tomorrow and that person I'll be in 2017. But hey, maybe together we can give ourselves a pat on the back for everything that led us to our now. We're doing alright:)

.....and now, a cute family.  

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