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I love fall weather on the coast:)

...AWESOME sessions this week (I hope to get caught up on blogging soon!)...


a few night shots from around my hood...

looking forward to great family sessions and a wedding this weekend! I have (two) last minute slots open early next week if you're interested in a photo session. shoot me an email to book!

happy wednesday!


heaven.....if you're into that sort of thing.

yosemite is an incredible place.

i spent a few days there with my jaw on the floor.

holy jeepers....i can't even begin to describe such a sight.

a few trip highlights:

-looking/gazing/staring at half dome from the valley floor.

-mountain biking on trails, over bridges, by the river, to the lake....all of it. incredible. 

-my phenomenal plan to cross the river walking along the rocks. i fell in. fully clothed. (i'd like to note that my mishap turned into loads of fun. we stayed to swim and hangout on the bank with the view of a lifetime).

-observed a fellow visitor face 180 degrees away from half dome and exclaim "yeah, that's definitely half dome!"....towards a peak 1,000 times less great than the real thing (she wasn't looking at full dome either). i would give 1 million dollars to have a picture of aaron's face at that moment. 

-listening to the river at night/in the morning. ahhhh. i love it.

moral of the story, GO THERE. soon. 


60 years of pat & blaine and a midwest 4th of july

last week, aaron and i spent a few days in south dakota and minnesota. we were there visiting family and celebrating 60 years of marriage for his grandma and grandpa.

....60 years!! woah. 

they are the neatest!

we had a phenomenal time eating, catching up, boating and playing ultimate frisbee. our last day there was spent on the lake waterskiing...at sunset...with fireworks going off in the background. it was one of those magic moments that you see in the movies.

so thankful for these people and their crazy awesome hosting skills.    

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