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sessions for a cause!


If you're a total dog loon like I am and would enjoy pictures of your favorite family member up around your pad, now is your chance! 

I wish I could rescue every. single. dog. but I can't. I've thought about it. my husband said we'd have to stop at a dozen. so instead, we give when we can. it's so important to keep these volunteer run shelters open and thriving. the more help they get, the more dogs they can save.....which ultimately leads to more dogs being placed in happy homes. this is important to me. i have two dogs that have brought me so much joy. they are the best buddies/trail partners/snugglers/sidekicks around. 

also, animal abuse makes me rage. don't do it. or I'll have to rage. 

in the spirit of these sessions, meet dozer and his lady friend:) 

RSVP for more information and to receive your time slot! 916-541-7049


all things good.

I don't know much, but I know that I really like my family, my friends, being outside, making/drinking smoothies, snugglin' my pups, creating images......oh, and roads....tree lined roads, open roads, sunny roads, dirt roads...I really like roads. 

I also know that focusing on what I have is much more fulfilling/rewarding/important/real than focusing on what I don't have. 2012 was HARD. hard. I was challenged in ways that I didn't see coming or even know existed. how specifically doesn't even matter....we all have stuff. lots and lots of stuff. what does matter is that I still have so much. there is so much GOOD in my life.....so many simple pleasures, and I did not do one single thing to deserve them. the least I can do is be thankful for what I have and to enjoy the life that is mine for one more day. TODAY. 

(thoughts inspired by revisiting this post)

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Merry Christmas! 

Happy season of giving and love!